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Tools for Repository Administrators

Application Programmers' Interface (API)

The API is a machine-to-machine interface that lets applications run a wide variety of queries against the OpenDOAR Database and return the results as XML data. You can choose to retrieve just repository titles & URLs (suitable for OAI-PMH harvesting), or all the available OpenDOAR data, or intermediate levels of detail. You can then incorporate the output into your own applications and 'mash-ups'. PowerPoint Demo

OpenDOAR Charts

The chart pages that can be viewed using OpenDOAR's Find facility also provide HTML source code to let you copy and paste the charts into your own web pages. These are dynamic, so the charts will reflect the changes to OpenDOAR as it is updated. Our JISC PowerPoint Demo shows how to use this tool.

Email Distribution Service

This service has been set up to provide repository administrators, service providers and researchers with a bespoke email redistribution service. Through using a series of menus and options on the request form it is possible to address directly a specific portion of the OpenDOAR listed repositories. Emails are filtered by OpenDOAR staff in terms of content and suitability before redistribution. See the service scope for full details.

Policies Tool

Using check boxes and pick lists, this tool helps administrators to formulate and/or present their repository's policies. Having a clear policy on the re-use of deposited items helps search service providers, which in turn helps to maximise the impact of your organisation's research, and to further the aims of the Open Access movement. Output options include; HTML for use in your website, and text formatted for EPrints configuration files. PowerPoint Demo

OpenDOAR Search

We have launched a trial service of OpenDOAR Search, which uses the excellent Google Custom Search Engine to offer full-text search of repositories listed in OpenDOAR. This service does not use the OAI-PMH protocol, or the metadata held within repositories. Instead, it relies on Google's indexes, which in turn rely on repositories being suitably structured and configured for the Googlebot web crawler.

If you are an administrator and your material is not being retrieved, first check that your repository is listed in OpenDOAR. If it is listed, you may need to review your set-up against Google's Guidelines for Webmasters and see the related pages in the Webmaster Help Center, especially the FAQ on how Google crawls sites.

There is also more general advice for configuring your repository to work with Google, given by Peter Suber.

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