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Records are no longer being updated, and this version will be turned off on November 21st, 2018.

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Application Programmers' Interface (API)

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Appendix F - Example Output XML Record

XML header & Legal Notices

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE OpenDOAR SYSTEM "api13.dtd">
<OpenDOAR apiVersion="1.3">
  <copyright>Copyright 2007, University of Nottingham</copyright>
  <licence>OpenDOAR data is available for re-use under a Creative Commons
    Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike licence</licence>

API Query Parameters & Diagnostics - Displayed when &header=y

    <errors />

Main repository listing


Data output for all &show options - the only data output for &show=min

    <repository rID="572">
      <rName>Undergraduate theses &amp; essays from Lund University</rName>
      <rOaiBaseUrl />

Additional data output for  &show=basic and &show=max options

      <uName>Lund University Digital Library</uName>
      <uAcronym />
      <uUrl />
      <oName>Lunds universitet</oName>
      <oAcronym />
      <postalAddress>Lund University Libraries</postalAddress>
      <paLatitude />
      <paLongitude />
      <paFax />
      <rDescription>This is an institutional repository for essays and undergraduate
        dissertations from the university. While material has been deposited by
        members from all departments there are notably more from those disciplines
        associated with the social sciences. The site interface is available in
        English or Swedish, and abstracts for materials are provided in both
        languages. An RSS feed is available for anyone interested in keeping
        up-to-date with newly added materials.&lt;br&gt;Xerxes is part of the national
        database for undergraduate essays, Uppsok, which is part of
      <rRemarks>Partners: Uppsok. Special items include: Student essays</rRemarks>

Additional data output for  &show=index and &show=max options

      <rYearEstablished />
      <rSoftWareName />
      <rSoftWareVersion />
        <contentType ctID="6">Theses and dissertations</contentType>
        <contentType ctID="14">Other special item types</contentType>

policyType & policyGrade output for  &show=index and &show=max options

          <policyType potID="1">Content</policyType>
          <policyGrade pogID="5">Content policies defined</policyGrade>

poStandard additionally output for  &show=policy and &show=max options

            <item>This is an institutional or departmental repository.</item>
            <item>The repository is restricted to: Theses and dissertations</item>
          <policyType potID="2">Metadata</policyType>
          <policyGrade pogID="8">Metadata re-use policy explicitly
            <item>Anyone may access the metadata free of charge.</item>
            <item>No metadata re-use policy defined. Assume no rights at all have been
          <policyType potID="3">Data</policyType>
          <policyGrade pogID="15">Full data item policies explicity
            <item>Anyone may access full items free of charge.</item>
            <item>No full-item re-use policy defined. Assume no rights at all have
              been granted.</item>
          <policyType potID="4">Submission</policyType>
          <policyGrade pogID="26">Submission policies defined</policyGrade>
            <item>Items may only be deposited by registered students of the
            <item>No moderation policy defined. Assume nothing has been vetted.</item>
            <item>The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is the
             sole responsibility of the depositor.</item>
            <item>No embargo policy defined.</item>
          <policyType potID="5">Preserve</policyType>
          <policyGrade pogID="28">Preservation policies not stated</policyGrade>
            <item>No preservation policy defined.</item>

Additional data output for  &show=contact and &show=max options

          <pName />
          <pJobTitle>Repository Administrator</pJobTitle>
          <pPhone />

End tags


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