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Code Lists

Appendix A - OpenDOAR Continent/Region Names

Antarctica *
Caribbean *
Central America
North America
Oceania *
South America

* At the time of writing, there were no repositories in OpenDOAR for these continents.

Appendix B - Hierarchical List of OpenDOAR Subject Area Codes

Ca Science General
Cad  Agriculture, Food and Veterinary
Cag  Biology and Biochemistry
Cak  Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Cam  Earth and Planetary Sciences
Cap  Ecology and Environment
Car  Mathematics and Statistics
Cat  Physics and Astronomy
Ce Health and Medicine
Ci Technology General
Cif  Architecture
Cil  Civil Engineering
Cin  Computers and IT
Cis  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Cix  Mechanical Engineering and Materials
Co Arts and Humanities General
Cod  Fine and Performing Arts
Cog  Geography and Regional Studies
Cok  History and Archaeology
Col  Language and Literature
Cop  Philosophy and Religion
Cu Social Sciences General
Cub  Business and Economics
Cud  Education
Cup  Law and Politics
Cur  Library and Information Science
Cut  Management and Planning
Cuv  Psychology

Appendix C - OpenDOAR Repository Type Codes

1 Undetermined- Repositories whose type has not yet been assessed
2 Institutional- Institutional or departmental repositories
3 Disciplinary- Cross-institutional subject repositories
4 Aggregating- Archives aggregating data from several subsidiary repositories
5 Governmental- Repositories for governmental data

Appendix D - OpenDOAR Content Type Codes

1 Research papers (pre- and postprints)
2 Research papers (preprints only)
3 Research papers (postprints only)
4 Bibliographic references
5 Conference and workshop papers
6 Theses and dissertations
7 Unpublished reports and working papers
8 Books   chapters and sections
9 Datasets
10 Learning Objects
11 Multimedia and audio-visual materials
12 Software
13 Patents
14 Other special item types

Appendix E - OpenDOAR Policy Grade Codes

1 Content policies unknown
2 Content policies not stated
3 Content policies explicitly undefined
4 Content policies unclearly stated
5 Content policies defined
6 Metadata policies unknown
7 Metadata policies not stated
8 Metadata re-use policy explicitly undefined
9 All metadata re-use prohibited
10 Metadata re-use policy unclearly stated
11 Metadata re-use permitted for not-for-profit purposes
12 Commercial metadata re-use permitted
13 Full data item policies unknown
14 Full data item policies not stated
15 Full data item policies explicity undefined
16 All re-use of full data items prohibited
17 Harvesting full data items by robots prohibited
18 Policy for the re-use of full data items unclearly stated
19 Rights vary for the re-use of full data items
20 Re-use of full data items permitted for not-for-profit purposes
21 Commercial re-use of full data items permitted
22 Submission policies unknown
23 Submission policies not stated
24 Submission policies explicitly undefined
25 Submission policies unclearly stated
26 Submission policies defined
27 Preservation policies unknown
28 Preservation policies not stated
29 Preservation policies explicitly undefined
30 Preservation policies unclearly stated
31 Preservation policies defined

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